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Clear blocks, grow your business, and expand its impact!

Are you:

  • feeling tired at the end of the day and questioning your ability to accomplish the dreams you have for your business?
  • frustrated with your team members, suppliers or service providers?
  • hopeful about what your business can accomplish, but the day-to-day is a GRIND?
  • feel overwhelmed with how to get from where you are to where you want to be in your business?

This 4 Day Mini-course is a power packed experience that will change the way you look at your business. 

The title might seem strange. It’s based off of one of my favorite quotes (if you’ve ever gotten an email from me, it’s in my signature): “Work is Love made visible.” – Khalil Gilbrand

This quote has been a galvanizing force in my business for the last 4 years. It really pulls my philosophy on business into one concise phrase, and I love it!

When a business result is out of alignment with the impact you are working to bring into the world, a block is created. This can happen anywhere along your business trajectory, especially as you grow or as changes happen in your business (staffing changes, client delivery changes, or even simply life changes!).

I hear you on your frustrations and I need you to know you are meant for more! I think you know that, but how to get there – right?

If we think of work as something we do that helps us get our service (a.k.a. love) out into the world, it’s so important to move through the areas that are holding you back. When you address these blocks in your business, you expand the capacity of your business to bring more Love into the world. More service. More impact.

It’s your impact that is the ultimate measure of success for your business.

This 4 Day Mini-Course is just the thing to shake loose those areas that are blocked and realign your business for incredible impact, just in time for the start of a new decade. Are you ready for it??

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    Work As Love: 4 Days to Go Deep Together

    Day 1: Dig into your blocks

    • I’m going to help you get really clear and name your blocks. There’s so much power in getting clear on what’s holding you back in your business.
    • We often unintentionally let blocks keep us small and safe in our business, but then are frustrated when we’re not delivering the impact we know we are meant for.

    Day 2: Get clear on your values

    • I’m going to guide you through my personal process for identifying my values. Values are a grounding force in your life and in your business.
    • It’s impossible to get unstuck in your business unless you know your values and have gone deep on how they align in your business!

    Day 3: Connect the dots

    • I’m going to teach you how to connect your business blocks back to the things that are most important to you in business and life.
    • When areas of your business are out of alignment with your values, blocks and stuck energy are created. As you address the misalignment, you expand both personally and in your business.

    Day 4: Write New rules

    • This step is so important! I will help you identify what needs to shift in order to move through the block and open up your business to the impact it’s meant to make.  
    • You will integrate the connections you have discovered, make new agreements and a fundamental shift going forward!

    Each day you will get:

    • an email from me introducing you to the topic
    • a pdf guide I specifically created for the work
    • a livestream + Q&A with me

    I am so excited to dig into this work together! A special request: if you know of someone that this mini-course could help, please share the love! Share this page with them and do this work together. You’ll be shocked at how much momentum is created when we dig in and uplevel as a group!

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      A Little About Me

      I’ve been exploring the world of business for 20+ years, in 15+ roles, working in 10+ countries, with a passion for the impact made by good business. Communities are strengthened, lives are enriched, and scale is used to take on huge problems when business is growing in alignment. I’ve learned this by witnessing it, but also by witnessing a lot of the opposite.

      In my 17+ years in Corporate America, I experienced and/or witnessed extreme burn out, adrenal fatigue, health scares, depression, anxiety, community unrest, lives ripped apart, families faced with impossible situations, and devastating damage to land and water formations.

      In parallel, I am on a deep spiritual journey. One that has tested my faith and resilience in many unpredictable ways. The convergence of these two paths in my life was the start of my practice in Business Alchemy. My passion is in leveraging the power of practical business tools with the values and service it brings to the community and the world. All businesses have the potential to make incredible positive impact, and the intersection of great business practices and contribution is where the magic happens!

      Work As Love Mini-Course

      4 days to go deep and bust through your business blocks!