Human Design with Andrea

1-on-1 Options



The HD Immersion is a 13 week 1:1 experience. The focus of this journey is to stop thinking things should be different and start actually living differently.  You’ve tried so many things to feel better (therapy, counseling, maybe even psychedelics) and you are SO READY for things to change. To stop feeling like the world is against you. Every answer to every question you have is in your body. Deconditioning the ways you have learned to override your system is the actual key for feeling more satisfied, successful, peaceful and delighted. 

Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough sessions are single 1:1 sessions followed by a week of Voxer support.

These sessions are great if you are learning to follow your Strategy and Authority, yet want some support in decoding an area of life that is stuck or you feel uncertain about. Are you feeling a pull in a specific area of your life, but can’t put your finger on exactly what’s happening? A Breakthrough Session can bring clarity to why you feel frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed, and clarity gives you confidence to hear and follow that inner knowing for what you need next.

“One session and I’m already understanding myself in a whole new way! Stoked for what the next few months will bring!” – S.L. 

For Organizations:


Human Design brings an energizing level of connection to your event.  When people learn how their energy works in community, an instant accountability network is formed.  In addition to helping your attendees connect on a deeper level, Human Design helps you create a more impactful experience. When someone feels truly seen and understood, they are changed for the better! 

People bring an openness to new information when they attend events. Learning your Human Design in those moments creates an impact for many years to come.  Many people in my community met me at events are having aha moments about why they are the way they are for years to come!

Team Sessions

Team Sessions reveal those wild idiosyncracies that we all have a hunch about, but often wonder if it’s just a “weakness” we have to work on.  Learning about your Human Design within a team brings a new level of understanding of how each person is designed to work.  It gives each member a common language and new tools for navigating the complexities that working as team can entail. 

During the session, we’ll look at everyone’s HD and give them a 15 min(ish) overview of the highlights. Look at where there are commonalities with different team members and where there might be contrast or differences. The team will be in alignment as each person follows their own Design.


Human Design Consulting is a culmination of my 20+ years in business management, operations, and staffing along with the unique lens Human Design provides into organizations.

When you spend time and energy getting to know your design and learning the world of clarity your strategy and authority opens, consulting is here to help you take that into the deepest levels of your business.

Beyond each of our individual designs, there are advanced aspects that happen when people are working in groups.  Leaders that have an awareness of these dynamics are better resourced and able to guide their organization with ease and grace.

“For anyone thinking about working with Andrea… She is a dream to work with. Kind and open heart, and soooo introspective into The who and why of you.” – K.S.

I can’t wait to sit in session with you!

Andrea Ward Berg