Human Design with Andrea

1:1 Options

HD Immersion

The HD Immersion is a 13 week 1:1 experience with Andrea. The focus of this journey is for Human Design to move from something you “know” about yourself into something you embody and live. You will learn  how to navigate the feedback of your design to experience more satisfaction, success, peace and surprise through both coaching and practical application.

Human Design is such a practical system, and all of the instructions are inside you. Deconditioning the ways you have learned to override your system from the influence of supremacy culture and late stage capitalism is the actual key for feeling more of that signature feeling you are designed to have!

Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough sessions are single 1:1 sessions followed by 1 week of Voxer support for integration.

These sessions are great if you are learning to implement your Strategy and Authority, yet want some support in decoding an area of life that is stuck or not flowing. Often, one call can help you tune into your unique way of being in the world (your HD), so that you can realign the situation to work for you.

For Organizations:


I love to bring the magic of Human Design to different events: Trainings, Conferences, Retreats, etc. Events bring a different energy and an openness to new information. Human Design is an amazing tool for creating new connections at Events, as well as helping your audience have a more impactful experience. When someone feels truly seen and understood, they are changed for the better!
Past topics include:


Team Sessions

Team Sessions reveal a new level of understanding within the team of how we are each designed to work and how to navigate team dynamics in a way that’s empowering and supportive of each person.

During the session, we’ll look at everyone’s HD and give them a 15 min(ish) overview of the highlights. Look at where there are synergies with different team members and their charts, where there might be contrast or differences with the intention of helping everyone understand how each person is designed to go through life and make decisions. This creates a lot more understanding of how to keep the team in alignment by each person being supported by being in their own alignment.


Human Design Consulting offers a dynamic and empowering way to support your team in thriving on all levels. HD speaks to the way each member of the organization is designed, as well as energy dynamics in small and large teams. Leaders that have an awareness of these dynamics are better resourced and able to guide their organization with ease and grace.

“Such a powerful month and honestly even more validation that how I’m living my life and operating my business is the most aligned I’ve ever been.”


“Wow. This [call] answered so many questions.”

I can’t wait to welcome you on the inside!!

Andrea Ward Berg

“This call was wonderful! So much insight…The insight from non emotionals is so helpful and I can see how my sister as a non emotional is trying to ride the high and have people be happy emotional or non emotional.

Took so many good notes to understand me and others. I’m really glad you started with this center!”