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Who has loved the immersion?

  • Business owners 
  • Women and female identifying 
  • Anti-racists 
  • Parents
  • Scholars
  • Changemakers

Practical solutions.

Here’s what I know. We are all swimming in a sea of White Supremacy Patriarchal Delusion (a term Sonia Renee Taylor developed). Human Design gives us a razor sharp tool to cut through the delusion and see where we have been conditioned to not act as ourselves, which cements us into patterns or not self behavior (causing frustration, bitterness, anger, and disillusionment).

Supremacy Culture doesn’t just cause harm to Black, Brown and Indigenous people around us.  Supremacy Culture has those of us with Western European ancestors trying to be perfect, expecting ourselves to be able to do everything on our own because a hyper-individualistic society told us that we prove our worthiness by having it all “together”. 

In order to heal and evolve from Supremacy culture, we need tools like Human Design in our life. We need support in integrating new ways of being – first and foremost with ourselves. Once we start to see the rewards of that new way of being – more satisfaction, more success, more peace – then we start to experiment with honoring our design with others. From there, it becomes more natural to be in alignment and you become a powerful contributor to the generative systems and infrastructure that are the solution to the question of “What’s available on the other side of Supremacy Culture?”.

The HD Immersion is my Signature Program that takes Human Design from a concept and something for your head to an embodied experience of your uniqueness.

My design gives me an insatiable desire to learn everything there is to know about the subjects I want to know about. When I first found Human Design, that was my approach. I researched every gate, channel and aspect I could.

That wasn’t inherently wrong. In a lot of ways it was perfect, but I wasn’t seeing the desired impact (my success). The bitterness I was feeling made me curious. I knew that what I was learning was powerful, so then why wasn’t it “working”? Why wasn’t I feeling more of my signature – success?

Turns out, more information in your head (even if it’s transformational information) – is just that. Information that’s in your head.

What I was missing was integration. When I started studying with one of my mentors Jes Fields, she placed a huge emphasis on integration. Shifting my focus transformed my Human Design Experiment, and also deepened my understanding of how our Design works within us. As I began to support my clients in their integration, I finally started to experience that sense of success (my signature) I was craving.

The HD Immersion was born out of those powerful experiences supporting leaders 1:1. Within this 3 month container, we have space to answer all of your questions and dive down every rabbit hole you are wondering about. You have my support both in session and between sessions (using Voxer) to really experience the magic available when you’re aligning with your Human Design.

About Andrea

HD Immersion Teacher

I’m a Soul Coach and Speaker sparking transformation using my Alchemy Method. I teach high achieving leaders to become intentional and confident so they get to know themselves deeper through the 7 Alchemy Elements and their Human Design. This process provides incredible clarity and loosens the chains of toxic capitalism, white supremacy, and the patriarchy so that you can BE your true self confidently and step into your your unique ability to help create the world we all want to thrive in!

I can’t wait to immerse with you!

How does it work?

  • We kick off your immersion with a 90 min deep dive on you.

  • From there we meet every other week, for a total of 13 weeks.
    Between sessions, we are checking in and working through the real life frustration, bitterness and anger that show up via Voxer (a walkie talkie app that makes voice notes super easy!).

  • You will have homework of different areas to dive into between the times that we meet. All immersion participants have access to my Align Library with 10+ videos on different aspects of Human Design.

  • The investment is 3 monthly payments of $1,250. There is an option to extend coaching on a month to month basis upon graduation at $850/month if you want to continue. As an immersion graduate, the availability of additional support will always be there!

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.

But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

– Lilla Watson

Case Studies:

1/3 Sacral Generator going through conscious uncoupling 

5/2 Mental Projector single with an adult child while running a multiple 6 figure business. 

3/5 Emotional Generator going through infertility treatments while running a multiple 6 figure business 

2/4 Splenic Projector

5/2 Manifesting Generator 

5/1 Mental Projector with multiple 6-figure business, an MG spouse, and 2 children growing up and ready to leave the house 

2/4 Emotional Generator 

3/5 Self Projected Projector 

4/6 Sacral Generator with Mani husband


  • Can we look at my employee’s charts? Yes.
  • Can we look at my partner’s chart?
  • Can we look at my kids charts?


Some nerdy details on My Design 🙂 

I have a defined crown and an undefined sacral with fear motivation.

How to Immerse with Me

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 “Andrea is a masterful leader and possesses a gift of teaching others how to also lead with clarity, calm, and empowered intention. Andrea has supported me to step into my power as a clear and impactful leader. She has a unique ability to navigate challenges with deep awareness and ease. She is able to help her clients see a clear action plan that works to break through the rubble and create something meaningful, tried and true. If you are stepping into leadership in any capacity, whether it’s leading yourself, your family members, a couple of employees or a whole team, I highly recommend working with Andrea. She will help you manage your energy and be the leader you are called to be.”

– Kelci Hart Brock, founder and director, Epic Life Foundation and author of Spirit Animals Say

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