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Diving into Shadow to Liberate Light in You and Humanity

Signs you need to dive into Deeper Waters: You feel Anxious, Frustrated, Cynical, Critical, Hopeless, Sluggish, Bone Tired, Impatient, Heavy, Apathetic, Aloof, Disconnected, Overstimulated, Like you can’t turn your brain off, or Exasperated…

These are some of the signs that there is something inside that wants to be faced, head on.

In this reality of COVID and the nationwide (also Global) uprisings around social and racial justice, every unhealed trauma and unwholesome belief is being amplified.

How will we meet this reckoning so that we’re not crushed by it?

Step 1) We must recognize it.

Step 2) We have to do the work to heal it.

Unfortunately, when we only get as far as recognizing without doing the work for healing, we short circuit and reinforce the harmful patterns that have gotten us here in the first place.

Here’s the problem: our conditioning would tell us that something outside of us is causing you to feel this way. (If they would just finish the damn vaccine! If they would just let the kids go back to school – or not have school go back. If the police would just get some damn training. If my boss would just stop bothering me. If my friends would just include me.)
elves…and we’re in a perpetual state of waiting for X (enough money saved, the right job, the right business idea, our significant other to do what he/she needs to do, the kids to go school, the kids to go off to college, etc.).

It’s no wonder we’re in a constant state of fight, flight, freeze, appease (and disappointment)!

Deeper Waters is a group coaching experience to support you in the healing process.

I’m taking what I’ve learned in my personal experience and applying a structure I’ve created to do this work from a whole person perspective. Deeper Waters is a sacred space where you can be held as you dive into the healing your soul is calling you to.

I want you to feel freedom from the constant critic inside.  Clarity – which starts as a whisper but grows as you listen and follow its direction, giving you more energy, synchronicity, and a deep feeling of wellness (both within you and about the world).

This is more important now than ever because of the pressure cooker we are in (and are likely to be in for the foreseeable future).

About Andrea

Creator of Deeper Waters

I’m a Soul Coach and Speaker sparking transformation using my Alchemy Method. I teach high achieving leaders to become intentional and confident so they get to know themselves deeper through the 7 Alchemy Elements and their Human Design. This process provides incredible clarity and loosens the chains of toxic capitalism, white supremacy, and the patriarchy so that you can BE your true self confidently and step into your your unique ability to help create the world we all want to thrive in!

I can’t wait to dive deep with you!

Here are some of the ways our conditioning can show up:

  • Living on the hamster wheel of our finances. Alternating panic and desperation. Anxiety. Embarrassment. Never feeling like you’ve “saved enough”, questioning every purchase, analysis paralysis. Splurging on your kids, your spouse, your friends, but when it comes to something you need – it’s clearance rack or it can wait. 
  • Finding yourself in cycles of numbing out.  Scrolling.  Mindless activities.  Packing your schedule full of demands because the sense of panic creeps in when you are not running at full speed.  Never allowing yourself to experience the full arc of emotions because it doesn’t feel safe to actually go there.
  • Feeling alone, lonely, or disconnected from nourishing relationships.  If you don’t do that specific thing, it won’t happen…the pressure is on you.  Feeling anonymous – not seen, or seen but not heard.  Struggling to feel fulfilled in a romantic relationship, or feeling like you can’t find “the one”.  Misunderstood.  An outcast.
  • Forgetting how to have fun, or that fun is even an option.  Feeling like work is a means to an end. Believing things like “this is a business decision, it’s not personal”.  Being constantly “on”.
  • Health issues, especially chronic ones. Sleep disruption, not feeling rested, even after 9 hours of sleep. Fixation on weight loss, a specific “number” – i.e. weight, BMI, etc. Infertility. Injury prone, repeated or many injuries. Constant dieting. 
  • Uninterested in anything. Learning is a slog. Procrastination. Obsession, you can’t turn social media or the news off. Overstimulation, not being able to disconnect. 
  • Loss of a sense of hope. Feeling like it’s all up to you. A constant state of being under pressure to be perfect. Feeling you only merit X if you measure up to some “standard”.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.

But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

– Lilla Watson

A moment of truth: All of these issues have the same root! I know, you’re thinking no way. How is that possible? Stay with me…

Our conditioning also tells us we can’t do this work for ourselves.

In our effort to “move on” from traumatic experiences, we have really just shoved them in the junk drawer in our body, mind, heart. We all have a junk drawer. What’s worse, we thought by moving on we just left that stuff behind – so now it’s a backseat driver, taking hold of the steering wheel when you least expect it. When you’re tired, when you’re stressed, when you’re what my husband and I call “low on resources”. (Take COVID for example – the battery is on RED all. the. time.) Now imagine that this is done over many lifetimes, and the junk drawer is cellular memory passed down in our genes (epigenetics).

YES. Now you are starting to get it.

So, not only are we feeling like crap, we take action from that feeling which causes harm when that’s the last thing we want to do. We find ourselves in fights online, and driving down the street. We are seeing the actions we take and relationships we have do not align with what we really care about (Black Lives Matter, for example). The ONLY sustainable solution is to go inside and understand, heal, and learn to love the jagged edges and patchwork quilt of trauma that we each are on the inside.

The only way to reconnect your battery to the power source is to go deep into the conditioning we have undergone – starting with our own lifetime, and then following that thread through our lineage. Conditioning from Corporate/Capitalism (which I consider the new Colonialism); conditioning from our Patriarchal Society (that is damaging for cis gender men, cis women, in addition to any non-conforming gender or sexuality); conditioning from our education system which has trained us to be cogs instead of whole humans (I mean – we weren’t even trusted to go to the freakin bathroom!); conditioning from our religious background.

There’s a reason they say when you heal trauma, you heal it for 7 generations forward and backwards. This is a life’s work people!!

I have been at this consciously for over 25 years, and I have yet to run out of levels of healing that my soul is calling me to. It has also yet to be anything but fulfilling, life giving, and a source of deep hope for me…while incredibly challenging.

As soon as we can realize that this conditioning is 1) real, 2) not our fault, and 3) (most important) ours to HEAL – an opportunity for transformation occurs. If you are here and what I’m describing still resonates, I guarantee you are looking at this opportunity for transformation square in the face.

Ways to Dive Deep with Me

Deeper Waters Group

This level is for anyone ready to sign up for the ongoing work deconditioning requires, but doesn’t need the one on one time right now.  The foundation of the program is built on this level with monthly content and group coaching experiences.


Waves Membership

This level is for those agents for change in their community that want clarity in how to make that happen for their unique role.  It includes one on one messaging and a welcome session to dive into your Human design and goals for the program.


The Deep End

This level is for those who are leaders in their business and community, actively working to create equitable environments for the most vulnerable.  It offers monthly one on one support to go deeper into individual situations and experiences.


Deeper Waters Group:

  • Lessons related to the theme for the month
  • Two group coaching calls a month with Andrea (1st and 3rd Monday of the Month)
  • 1 Guest Speaker Call (1st Thursday unless otherwise noted)
  • Access to the “Deeper Waters” private group within the Alchemy Mighty Network for community, discussions, and resources
  • Close Friends exclusive content on IG where I share personal details of my own journey and relevant content to help you on yours!

Pricing: FREE

Waves Membership includes:

If you’re ready to be an agent for change in your community, and want clarity in how to make that happen for your unique role, The Diver Level is for you!

  • Everything included in the Waves Level
  • A Welcome Call to Review your Human Design and Goals for the program
  • Direct Whatsapp messaging with me for specific support on your journey.
  • Private Deep End Member Group Message on Whatsapp.
  • Provides 1 scholarship to Nexus, a BIPOC led and centered community for dismantling racism and oppressive systems.

Pricing: $30/month

The Deep End:

If you are a leader in your business and community community actively working to create equitable environments for the most vulnerable, The Deep End is for you!  It’s a balance of the group spaces and monthly one on one calls for your specific 

  • Everything included in the Waves & Diver Levels
  • Two monthly one-on-one sessions that weave your Human Design with the lessons for the month and your personal goals.
  • A welcome box, personal notes of encouragement (snail mail), and other surprises
  • Provides 3 scholarships to Nexus – A BIPOC led and centered community for dismantling racism and oppressive systems.

Pricing – customizable

Photo by Olga Tsai on Unsplash

A sample month of Deeper Waters:

January’s Theme is Re-imagining Darkness

  • One of the tools of Supremacist Culture and Colonization is to alienate the parts of us that are not “photoshopped”, not figured out completely, often messy, and frankly our biggest growth areas.
  • We will use the 7 Alchemy Elements to identify the individual and collective experience of our shadow as we sit 10 months into this time of COVID, 7 months after the most recent reckoning with systemic racial injustice, 2 months after the most contentious U.S. Presidential election of our lifetime, and in a new year.
  • Everyone will receive a welcome packet and guided prompts to gain clarity on the bigger themes showing up in your life right now.
  • First Group Coaching call to take place on January 11th. These calls take place every other week with an extra integration week each quarter. 
  • We will welcome our first Guest Speaker the week of January 18th.
  • Second Group Coaching call to take place on January 25th, come together to integrate the lessons of the month and share an extended Q&A together.

Upcoming Themes:

January 2021: Re-imagining Darkness (The Shadow)

February 2021: Justice as an Expression of Love

March 2021: Ancestors & Epigenetics

April 2021: Harnessing Ancient Cycles for Growth

2020 Bonus Community Calls*

November 2020: Decolonizing Our Rituals – come prepare for the harvest holiday in the U.S. and the year end holidays around the world with a time to reflect and get clear on how we want to show up for ourselves and our loved ones at this time.

December 2020: Darkest Night and Brightest Light

*Bonus Calls are for Deeper Water participants who sign up in November of 2020.


 “Andrea is a masterful leader and possesses a gift of teaching others how to also lead with clarity, calm, and empowered intention. Andrea has supported me to step into my power as a clear and impactful leader. She has a unique ability to navigate challenges with deep awareness and ease. She is able to help her clients see a clear action plan that works to break through the rubble and create something meaningful, tried and true. If you are stepping into leadership in any capacity, whether it’s leading yourself, your family members, a couple of employees or a whole team, I highly recommend working with Andrea. She will help you manage your energy and be the leader you are called to be.”

– Kelci Hart Brock, founder and director, Epic Life Foundation and author of Spirit Animals Say

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