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Better Human

An Intro to Human Design

A 3-Day Mini-course

Join me for Better Human: An intro to Human Design

Human Design is a powerful tool that can change your experience of life.  If you are looking to break the hold that toxic systems and beliefs have on you, Human Design (HD) is a powerful tool that can help you. HD gives you a clear framework for how your energy works, how you are designed to make decisions, and how you know if you are in alignment.

This mini-course will help you unlock that magic in 3 short days!

When you are not aligned with your Human Design, you feel unclear and uncertain. That uncertainty is a stress that then causes us to be short with our loved ones, use precious time and energy on things that don’t serve our highest good, and feed the need to numb as a coping mechanism. The stakes are even higher right now as we navigate the day to day and long term impact of systems set up to sustain inequity, and attempt to look forward at what new systems and structures need to be created for a future that is regenerative and sustaining.

Right now you need your best self, yet everyone is running on low resources and navigating stress at levels we’ve never experienced before.

Better Human is a 3 Day Mini-Course to help you decode what it means to experience your best self, using the foundations of your Human Design. You will learn the essential building blocks of Human Design to learn how your inner guidance system is meant to work, get back into your own flow, and feel clarity in the midst of chaos. 

Better Human

Human Design to Make an Impact

3 days to discover your Human Design and the unique impact you can create right now!

Day 1: An Intro to HD and the Energy Types – Your energy type describes the way Energy is naturally meant to flow in your life.

Day 2: Your Strategy – Strategy holds specific and precise guidance for how we are each meant to use our energy.

Day 3: Your Authority – Authority is the ultimate access to your inner guidance.

This course includes an hour long lesson on each topic, a worksheet for each day to help you integrate the learning, and an interactive space to share comments and takeaways.


Knowing your Human Design (HD) can shift everything in your life. When you start living your design, you literally approach everything in your life differently. I personally haven’t experienced this kind of shift with any other personal development work (and I’ve done SO many! Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder 2.0, Enneagram, Astrology, etc.).

I will be teaching you the foundation that the entire system of Human Design rests on – your Type, Strategy and Authority. Mastering these fundamentals will support you in feeling clear and making decisions that are aligned for your unique journey clarity a moment to moment basis. The  peace and awareness you feel when you’re aligned with your Human Design is like nothing I’ve experienced before!

I hope you will join me.  I can’t wait to hear how this opens up a new perspective on life for you!

Join Me for Better Human!