with Andrea

A community space to learn how to embody your Human Design! 

Has Human Design impacted the way you see yourself? Have you experienced the flow that knowing your HD can create? This is exactly the vibe we are co-creating in Align!

I created Align because I found that the only spaces where people were learning HD in community were reader trainings and expensive business building memberships. Most of the people in my community weren’t looking for that. They wanted a space to dive deeper, but not necessarily get certified to become a reader themselves!

There are so many benefits to exploring your Human Design in community:

  • feel seen and understood on a deeper level
  • explore interactions in your design with people who are also trying to live aligned day to day
  • real time support for issues that pop up and how to apply all that you’ve learned with grace for yourself

“Such a powerful month and honestly even more validation that how I’m living my life and operating my business is the most aligned I’ve ever been.”


“Wow. This [call] answered so many questions.”

Monthly HD Lesson

Dive into a new aspect of Human Design

Monthly HD Coaching

Get feedback specific to your design to help you embody alignment


We are each experiencing the same aspects of design, in our own unique way

“This call was wonderful! So much insight…The insight from non emotionals is so helpful and I can see how my sister as a non emotional is trying to ride the high and have people be happy emotional or non emotional.

Took so many good notes to understand me and others. I’m really glad you started with this center!”


Access to all previous lessons and coaching calls (the Solar Plexus, the Heart/Ego, and Root Centers)

Access to Better Human recordings (Energy Type, Strategy and Authority)


Books, podcasts, and articles to support you on your Human Design journey


A masterclass on finding flow with your profile

How to read a Human Design Chart

Introduction to Human Design Influences (Relationships and Transits)

A playlist for each Energy Type

I can’t wait to welcome you on the inside!!

Andrea Ward Berg