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Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’m so glad you’re here!  I lead high performing women through a transformation from following what everyone else tells them to following their soul. Using your Human Design as a compass, my coaching provides incredible clarity and loosens the chains of toxic conditioning so that you can BE your true self confidently and step into your ability to help create a world where we all thrive.

Wherever you are on your life journey, it’s brought you here and joined our paths. I can’t wait to discover how you got here and help you discover the magic of living in your design!

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 “Andrea is a masterful leader and possesses a gift of teaching others how to also lead with clarity, calm, and empowered intention. Andrea has supported me to step into my power as a clear and impactful leader. She has a unique ability to navigate challenges with deep awareness and ease. She is able to help her clients see a clear action plan that works to break through the rubble and create something meaningful, tried and true. If you are in leadership in any capacity, whether it’s leading yourself, your family members, a couple of employees or a whole team, I highly recommend working with Andrea. She will help you manage your energy and be the leader you are called to be.”

– Kelci Hart Brock, founder and director, Epic Life Foundation and author of Spirit Animals Say



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My Respects to Cancer Season

My Respects to Cancer Season

Monday's new moon in Cancer was a little tricky with it opposing Pluto and happening at the same time that the lunar nodes (north node and south node) are changing signs.  It was the pinnacle of what, for me, has been a very intense Cancer Season! Some things that...

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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

Happy New Moon! This new moon in Cancer is such a sweet moment to reflect on the things and people that nourish us. This New Moon is happening in gate 52 in Human Design, which is the gate of stillness. When in alignment, gate 52 gives us the ability to be still and...

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A Note on Uncertainty

A Note on Uncertainty

Given the state of the world, it feels important to talk about our relationship with uncertainty. We are naturally averse to uncertainty because it brings with it vulnerability. And for a very long time (hundreds of thousands of years), vulnerability meant death!  For...

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“Andrea brings a technical degree, a wealth of corporate & leadership experience, global business acumen, and a mindset of abundance and personal responsibility together to produce rich insights into personal and professional success.

She is dedicated to helping each person develop into their best self, and has the tools to help integrate body, mind & spirit into the best leaders we can be.

Andrea is operationally-minded and kind-hearted, resulting in a very balanced approach to business growth and leadership effectiveness.”

– Nancy Mace, Senior DEI Consultant and Previous VP of HR

A Little About Me

I’ve been exploring the magic of discovering my inner compass for 35+ years: 15+ corporate jobs, working in 10+ countries, 7 years of entrepreneurship and a passion for the impact made by incredible leadership. Communities are strengthened, lives are enriched, and creative solutions to huge problems are discovered when we are in alignment. I’ve seen this first hand, but I’ve also witnessed a lot of the opposite.

In my 17+ years in Corporate America, I experienced and/or witnessed extreme burn out, adrenal fatigue, health scares, depression, anxiety, community unrest, lives ripped apart, families faced with impossible situations, and devastating damage to land and water formations.

All the while, I was on my own personal development journey. One that has tested my faith and resilience in many unpredictable ways (hello 6/2 profile). When I discovered Human Design, something just went click!  It’s such a powerful system for truly seeing ourselves without the conditioning that can cloud our ability to see ourselves.  We all have the potential to experience an incredible life and make a tremendous positive impact.  When you are living in your design – miracles happen!

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