Monday’s new moon in Cancer was a little tricky with it opposing Pluto and happening at the same time that the lunar nodes (north node and south node) are changing signs.  It was the pinnacle of what, for me, has been a very intense Cancer Season!

Some things that might have come up in this season, especially with some of the transits this week: What is your relationship to emotions? To emotional energy? Are you comfortable with the full range of emotions? Do you have the skills to move them while also recognizing how they may impact others?

Let’s explore some ways our emotional center (the Solar Plexus) can get conditioned, distorted and mishandled.

A little background: the Solar Plexus (the emotional center in your chart) is the newest awareness center.  It split from the Spleen about 250 years ago, and we are still figuring out how to honor and support the awareness that this center brings.

Here’s a picture of it:

Some other important details about the Solar Plexus:

– If you have it defined, you have Emotional Authority.
– It is the loudest of the authorities, 4x as loud as the spleen.
– It is a unique type of awareness that we will only have consistent access to for about a 400 year period.

Emotional awareness reaches much further than what we have words or experience for. For that reason, it is one of the most conditioned centers in the body graph.

Our society would have people who have a defined Solar Plexus to try to feel the same every day.  This is impossible.  The Solar Plexus by design rides on waves, and you will always be somewhere on your wave.  This is not wrong! It’s a beautiful thing!!

Those of us with an undefined Solar Plexus (non-Emotionals) have bought into this, because we actually do feel mostly the same every day.  We are in on the game by trying to get those Emotionals (people with defined Solar Plexus) to feel how we want them to feel.  We do this by avoiding confrontation, denying our own needs, or people pleasing (which is essentially trying to coax an emotional out of a downward wave).

There are a lot of very good reasons why we fall into these behaviors.  More for another time, but just know it’s a natural result of our conditioning in capitalistic patriarchy.

However, our connection and experience of each other is massively harmed because of it.  Emotionals need support in being in their wave.  Non-Emotionals need to resource themselves so that another person’s wave doesn’t shake them.  We need to be able to be here and present for each other.

These are the lessons of Cancer Season.  How do we be with emotions, in whatever form you feel them – as an Emotional bringing them into the world, or a non-Emotional feeling others’ emotions amplified?

If the last few weeks have been challenging with all of the emotional energy, I’d love to support you in session if that feels right.

As Cancer Season closes for the year, here are a few reflections for you to help you metabolize and integrate the ways this season has impacted you:

Defined Solar Plexus: When did I feel most free to feel my feelings without pressure for them to be different? Where was I? What was I doing? What are the ways I feel most supported when I’m in my Emotional Wave? (This might be a spacious calendar with room to cancel things.  It might be easy food options that I can order for delivery or that I can make without a lot of effort.) What needs to change or not change for me to feel more aligned with my ability to follow strategy and authority?

Undefined Solar Plexus: How am I supporting myself each day with metabolizing the emotional energy I take in and amplify from others? (Some options may be: time alone, time with plants or co-regulating with others, extra sleep) When someone is on their emotional wave, am I able to hold space and witness with compassion? (This is not for self judgement, but useful in checking in on how resourced you are.) What needs to change or not change for me to feel more aligned with my ability to follow strategy and authority?