Happy New Moon!

This new moon in Cancer is such a sweet moment to reflect on the things and people that nourish us. This New Moon is happening in gate 52 in Human Design, which is the gate of stillness.

When in alignment, gate 52 gives us the ability to be still and grounded in deep presence. When out of alignment, there is a restlessness and inability to be still. How is this energy showing up for you today? There’s no good or bad…just a balancing and an awareness so you can be present with what your body is feeling.

The moon is such a strong influence, it’s helpful to start to notice the movements and tune into how you feel in its cycle. Whether you usually work with the moon or not, I have some helpful journaling prompts to assist you in tapping into this moon’s energy!

New moons are a great time to plant seeds, so we’re going to combine our awareness of Human Design with the power of the moon in a sign that it loves! 🌙

Here are some reflections for you to bring into your relationship with this moon:

  • Generators and MG’s: what has been really bringing you joy lately? What intentions can you set today to make space for more of whatever those things are?
  • Projectors: where have you been noticing recognition lately?  What intentions can you set today to allow you to lean more into those areas?
  • Manifestors: are you currently in a resting or an active cycle?  What intentions can you set to prepare for the cycle transitions that are on the horizon?
  • Reflectors: what is currently a delight in your life? What intentions can you set today to make space for more of that, and possibly some surprises? 

I would love to hear your reflections!  

Come share them on IG or send me a note. Wishing you all of the types of nourishment that you need at this time and for the months to come!

Big love,