This is my first week back to some semblance of routine. I will be honest, it’s not a perfect situation yet. However, we had been limping along for several months this way until it all collapsed with sequential illnesses over the last 3 weeks. Even after being in this work for 7+ years, I feel the buildup of expectation at “being back”. Does this happen to you?

When you go away for a trip you are out for some planned reason, or maybe like me, you have a “surprise something” take you offline for 3 weeks – do you have this hidden expectation to be able to come back in full swing as soon as you’re back?

Here’s what I know (and that I’m having to remind myself of this week, but really all the time)…transitions are funky. We are a lot like little motors. It takes a while to warm up and get going!

Interestingly enough, on Monday I taught an hour long class on the sacral center in the Align Membership. This little center in the middle of your Human Design is a big reason for the fits and starts around transitions. The sacral needs something to respond to, and then it must redirect energy away from something and towards that response. This is true for all of us, whether you have it defined or undefined.

Maybe I am in this specific less than perfect situation as I “come back” so that I keep this “sputtering effect” during transitions top of mind. As many are transitioning to their kids being out of school (or their coworkers’ kids being out of school), planning summer vacations, and all of the things summer brings: there is a collective transition happening right now. It’s a bit of a weird time!

Here are some ideas on how to support yourself in transition, depending on your type:

  • Generators and MGs: Schedule in some extra fun on days that you’re transitioning. Keep your calendar light, but also have some things planned. Your sacral needs something to respond to!
  • Projectors: Give yourself a day longer than you think you need to transition. Your future self will thank you for it! This space gives you time to truly process the experience you’re coming out of and understand the wisdom you’ve gleaned from it.
  • Manifestors: Transitions can often kick off a rest cycle for you. How can you infuse ongoing rest in your schedule for the next few weeks? You need that space to be able to free up enough energy for the next urge to come through.
  • Reflectors: It may take up to a month for you to start to feel the experience integrate. This lunar rhythm is so vital to your ability to synthesize your experience and perspective. There’s nothing wrong with you! You will know you’re ready to come back fully online when it’s time.

I know so many of you are deep in small to epic transitions. You can extrapolate what you may need based on what you’re navigating. The key is to give it some thought and intentionally support yourself through it ✨

Big love,