Given the state of the world, it feels important to talk about our relationship with uncertainty. We are naturally averse to uncertainty because it brings with it vulnerability. And for a very long time (hundreds of thousands of years), vulnerability meant death! 

For this moment, I want to offer you a different way of looking at uncertainty. Even though you may not know the exact form the future is going to take, there is a part of you that knows what the future holds. My friend Liz Hays calls this the steadiness of you.

What makes up that part of you? It’s your heart. It’s your soul. It’s your values. It’s the things you appreciate in others. It’s the things you appreciate in yourself. It’s the ability to hold space for someone and witness what they’re going through without trying to change it or fix it.

It’s your presence.

In the midst of a lot of change, your presence is the constant.

How can you tap into that presence as a resource? Your Human Design! Your Strategy & Authority are the absolute best tools for getting back to that renewable resource of presence. When you are leaning on Strategy & Authority, you don’t need to know the outcome.  You only need to know if this current decision in front of you is a yes or a no. That’s why Human Design is so powerful at bringing you out of the stress of not knowing how it will all play out.

A great example of this is the feedback you all shared with me in the fall! When I set out to learn more about what you were struggling with and how you most wanted to learn from me, I didn’t have an agenda in mind. I was listening to my Spleen (my authority) when it said “you need to ask!”

What came out of those questions was so beautiful, super energizing, and brought a whole new way of teaching forward! 

Some tips for navigating uncertainty by type:

  • Generators: Uncertainty is an invitation for you to really seek joy in the present. You may be conditioned to hold back on joy until you have it all figured out, and that will keep you stuck in not knowing because your joy is what magnetizes the solution to you. No joy = broken magnet!
  • Manifesting Generators: Uncertainty can be triggering for you because you don’t want to get trapped.  Remember, you get to choose. Even when a solution presents itself, you still have the freedom to choose or not choose it. What’s most important is that you’re following what your sacral is lit up by and listening to your Authority. The next step will naturally emerge from there.
  • Projectors: You might have a tendency to try to control uncertainty. Given you are not wired to provide for yourself the way the rest of the world does, uncertainty can trigger some deep fears around survival. Knowing yourself deeply and surrounding yourself with people who truly see you and value you will help you see your inherent safety within the not knowing. You can trust it, and know that your Strategy and Authority will lead you through!
  • Manifestors: There are probably 15 different ways to resolve any given uncertainty, and I have no doubt you could make any of them happen. The magic for you is to allow the uncertainty to marinate long enough for an urge to come through. Once that urge gets the green light from your Authority, you will have clarity and the path will reveal itself. If you get impatient and push through too soon, you may have to go back to square one and that is a recipe for anger.
  • Reflectors: The key for you in navigating uncertainty is resourcing yourself.  You are built to crave surprise! However, if you are feeling unsafe or spread too thin, that can lead you to shut down the availability for surprise because it requires you to get comfortable in uncertainty. How can you be surprised if there’s not some opening there?

What is your relationship to uncertainty? I would love to support you as you deepen your awareness around it and discover what might be possible if you can coexist with it!

Big love,