I’ve been sitting with some uncomfortable feelings of late, and at first I felt a lot of despair. Life is full of a lot of fits and starts right now. We are navigating a time where things are not what they were, but we don’t know what they’re becoming. Personally, I’m just fried!

On the bright side, this is actually the space where Human Design can really shine. The aspect that brings tremendous wisdom in these moments of tension is your Signature. Your Signature is the feeling you have when you are living your design. More of this feeling leads to more of the experiences in life that you are meant to have, as well as a renewed resilience for the learning it takes to get there.

Signature is the gift that keeps on giving!

What I’m doing this week is taking an honest assessment of what is aligned in my life. Where there is misalignment, I feel my Not Self of bitterness. Where there is alignment, I feel my Signature of success. Each energy type has their own combination of Signature/Not Self.

 This process is really helpful for me for two reasons: 

  1. It takes the blame out of it. Your Not Self and your Signature are just feedback! You didn’t cause your Not Self, just like you didn’t earn your Signature.
  2. It also gives you clear direction that you can’t unsee once you see it. This awareness helps you make change quickly and with ease where you need it.

So, for this week, I’d love to give you some reflection questions that will help you tap into your Signature as a guidepost.

Give yourself 15-20 min to sit with these reflections and journal what comes up for you. What are the thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors that are truly supporting you and you want to keep? What are the ones you are ready to release and compost? What are your biggest wins as of late? What has been your biggest challenge?

In doing this practice, we are building the muscles of awareness of your design and of compassion for yourself in your experiment. Feeling the fullness of life requires capacity for the hard in order to be able to hold the joy ❤️

Reflections for the end of a season by type:

  • Generators: Where did you feel pockets of deep satisfaction? What gave you moments where the colors seemed brighter and you felt like for this moment all is right in the world?
  • Projectors: What impact were you able to spark in others? Was it a vacation plan that was adjusted and immeasurably improved? Or an insight for a client that altered their trajectory? This is the foundation of success for you. Everything builds from there!
  • Manifestors: When did you get glimpses of that internal state of peace you crave? What urges did you follow and how did you care for yourself in the process?
  • Manifesting Generators: Which moments of joy stand out to you the most this season? What gave you the purest sense of freedom? What were you doing when you felt a deep sense of everything being right in the world?
  • Reflectors: What were the biggest moments of surprise for you? Where were you and who were you with? In what ways did you support yourself in being more of your unique self?

I would love to hear your ahas! You can comment  or come over to Instagram and tell me there. Let’s celebrate together!

Big love,