Did you know your design has a lot to say about how much alone time you need? Human Design has completely shifted my understanding of introversion/extroversion.

When I was young, I wanted to be around people ALL the time.
Being left alone at the house felt like death to me.

Now I know, I was a 6/2 projector living like a 3 for the first 30 years! As projectors, we need to be around people – but we also need healthy alone time. When a 6 is in their first phase, they’re trying to take in as much life as humanly possible and so much of living life is having experiences with (you guessed it!) other people!

Now that I’m in my 40’s with 4 people in the house, there’s a totally different dynamic. As I started to study human design several years ago, I realized I have 5 aspects in my chart that really call for time alone – and I was not getting any, if I was honest.

Here is what happens when you don’t get the quality alone time that you need:

  • You feel short tempered
  • You feel wired and tired
  • You feel unsure or have a hard time making decisions

Alone time is not just to hear yourself think (although that’s nice too 😅).
Alone time is vital for:

  • Processing energy and distilling the wisdom from your experiences
  • Reflection and looking at things from different perspectives
  • Identifying patterns or imbalances
  • Space and time to hone your craft

These days, I have become an expert at carving out small amounts of alone time throughout the day. On occasion, that leads to longer stretches of time. If you start to notice some of the symptoms above, start to carve out consistent (this is the key) pockets of time alone to support yourself in bringing your energy back in balance.

Your Human Design is so helpful in figuring out how much alone time you need and the ROLE that time is meant to play. I would love to support you in diving deeper, if it feels like a yes for you!

Big love,