What is the impact of Corporate America on your life? How do the following truly affect your wellbeing:

– Excessive stress from fake stressors (the corporate version of fake news)
– Being “on” 24/7, always reachable – regardless of whether you answer
– A focus on short term results while completely ignoring long term issues
– Manufactured deadlines, rework loops, and what I like to call “PowerPoint hell”
– Continuous workforce reduction with increasing responsibility to the point where one person is trying to do THREE jobs

Here is a short list of how you might be feeling:

There is a windy road that has led us here, and it hasn’t been paved with the best intentions (I talk about it in my most risky post). It’s an epidemic that reaches every one of us, in one way or another.

I recently surveyed the crowd at one of my talks and 100% of the audience acknowledged that they either currently work in corporate, have worked in corporate in the past, have close relatives and friends in corporate, or find themselves with belongings produced by corporate. The energy of Corporate America is completely out of alignment, and that energy it impacts us all.

You are one of the most impacted, just by nature of you reading this blog post. You are part of a select group that recognizes the resources and scale in Corporate as something that can be used as a force for good. You’ve navigated the power struggles and you’re doing your part to create a positive impact in spite of the madness that might be your workplace. Imagine how much energy you would have if your employer wasn’t actively working against your progress.

Have you ever worked on a project where there was actually a tailwind vs. always feeling like you are pushing uphill?

What if I told you how to create your own tailwind? Would you be interested in learning how?

I’ve been working hard on something for you. It’s called the Corporate Detox Retreat. Its one part self-development, mixed with two parts strategy and five parts community. You see, we got here as a collective, and if we’re going to get out it will have to be the same way – together.

We are in the midst of a movement that wants to isolate Corporate and blame it for all that is broken in our communities. This hurts us all for two reasons:

1) This movement doesn’t take ownership for our  role in where corporate is today (covered in the risky post I mentioned)
2) It doesn’t honer the resources and scale that Corporate can bring to the table

By creating a movement from within where we leverage these two elements, true healing can happen in the workplace – making way for vibrant ecosystems to emerge.

This is not a new concept. There are successful companies living this model everyday – i.e. Apple, Google, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, and more. While no organization is perfect, these examples prove that putting employees first is a life giving practice.

We wouldn’t need to have this conversation if it were that easy.  We can’t wait for Corporate to figure out how to get out of it’s own way. What I want to show you is how to thrive when Corporate is not putting you first – that is, how to be your own first. This is the secret no one is sharing, and it’s gone on way too long.

So what do you think? Are you interested in learning more about The Corporate Detox Retreat? If so, click here and tell me.  You will be first to get the details when they come out next week!

I’m so excited to share this work with you. Thank you for showing up for this incredible challenge – how to be a force for good in a system wired against us.